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About CFO@Call – Your Business Navigator

Our Story
Running a business means adapting to change and the challenges growth brings. While learning from your mistakes can be beneficial, it can also be costly – especially in the construction industry. That’s where CFO@Call and the Construction Business Navigator Growth Program can help you. As a member of this exclusive Program you can expect many “Oh” moments as we dive deeply into what’s happening within your construction business. We’ll work together to remove the underlying problems hindering your success, giving you freedom to reimagine your business and its potential.

Our philosophy

We are passionate about all aspects of the construction industry. We understand it, we “get” it and we love finding ways to improve on where you are now. We get a kick out of seeing how far your business can soar and what that brings to you personally and professionally.

We also believe in changing lives through our charitable giving. To achieve this, we have joined the B1G1 initiative which offers a variety of giving programs to improve the lives of people around the world.

Through our involvement with B1G1, when you work with us, you’ll automatically improve the lives of others because giving is embedded into everything we do.

Our history

Since 2011, CFO@Call has been delivering elite business advisory and mentoring programs to businesses with big dreams. Over the years, we’ve found we have a special affinity with businesses in, and supplying to, the construction industry.

Using our founder’s wide experience with working on construction project rollouts of all sizes, we have developed specific expertise in the challenges of costing, pricing and delivering projects in dynamic times. We now share this knowledge with our clients to revolutionise the outcomes and profitability of their construction business.

Our founder

Zoltan Szentirmay began his career as a commercial accountant for some of Australia’s largest organisations. This big business experience gave him an outstanding ability to analyse past outcomes, identify any issues and create solutions to improve future results.

3 Examples of how Zoltan’s expertise transformed business outcomes

1. Reversed accumulated losses of $1.6m in just 9 months
This was achieved by reviewing the business’ operations, overall financial situation and the implementation of a new approach to how they produce their products.

2. Increased annual revenue by 20% in 1 year
Zoltan gained this amazing profit improvement for his client by reviewing the client’s accounts and finances and modelling how various process changes could benefit the business. Then he worked with the client’s management team to implement the changes.

3. Reduced expenses by $1.8m in the first year
By reviewing operations and streamlining internal processes, Zoltan helped this client uncover areas where significant savings could be found. It absolutely revolutionised their profitability and lead to improving their financial management reporting systems.

CFO@Call can help your business too.

To discover how to grow your construction business and increase your profitability, book your FREE no-obligation 15 Minute Construction Growth call here and potentially be invited to participate in the Construction Business Navigator Growth Program.
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